Monthly Archives: July 2014

36 Days to go….

Scary thought! There has been so much to organise and we’re not quite there yet; plus a wedding, a birthday and results day to fit in as well! Check list looks something like this:

  • flights to Hong Kong on the 28th August booked
  • one night in the Harbour Grand hotel  booked
  • apartment in Kowloon for 7 nights  booked
  • flights to Hanoi on the 6th September  booked
  • 3 month single entry visas to Vietnam  done
  • vaccinations done: hep a, hep b, typhoid, tetanus, diphtheria, polio and an MMR booster
  • rucksacks bought (Vango Freedom 60/20L at £59.99 EA, good because they lay flat and open  like a suitcase, I think Jamie was worried I might spend 7 months rummaging through my back pack! lots of little pockets and compartments, including a separate dirty washing section, built in flight bag, detachable 20L day bag and lots of other clever designs
  • mosquito nets bought
  • cash belts bought
  • dentist/hygienist check up done
  • opticians booked

Still feels like there’s lots to do but the excitement is definitely setting in now!