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The beginnings of our Trip! Hong Kong xxx

After all of the tears and farewells we’re finally off. My first ever time flying business was absolutely incredible, never known anything like it, don’t worry- the girl Jamie has his arm round is a cardboard cut out! We had a couple of glasses of fizz (honestly!) and we nearly missed our flight. We boarded with about 10 minutes to spare- that would have been pretty embarrassing!!!

IMG_2013 IMG_2022

So here we are getting tipsy in the dearture lounge- and the obvious selfie:


I felt spoilt rotten on the flight, everything was perfect and although it felt incredibly civilised, But- I can’t lie, I woke up feeling pretty rough- its a slippery slope when you’re favourite white and red are free flowing! I think you can probably spot the deterioration in our photos hahaha

IMG_2035 IMG_2038 IMG_2045 IMG_2049

So… entirely self inflicted, and thank goodness my hangover blew out by the time we left the airport. Walking in to Hong Kong is like nothing else I’ve done before. Although mum took me here when I was little I hardly remember it. I LOVE IT ALL!! The heat, the noise, the crowds, the buildings and everywhere that hot-dirty-city smell. Jamie is my rock, he’s taken care of everything, travelling aroung the city with him is like going around London with a Londoner.

We arrived at our hotel around 9:30 HK time (2:30 BST): the Harbour Grand on HK island. The service in this place really is a standard above, the staff are all genuinely friendly and helpful. More free beer- uh-oh. We did well to stay awake all day. Taking full advantage of the lounge club benefits, an embarrassing amount of empty Tsingtao bottles was growing on our table ( I blame the boys completely of course). Later on- the pool.


 IMG_2106 IMG_2110

We had chosen this hotel for the view…and seriously what a view:

IMG_2122 IMG_2139 IMG_2153

The first two are from the lounge and the third was from our room. Honestly do not have a single complaint about this hotel.

So… an amazing flight to a perfect hotel and here our luxury ends! Today we checked into our apartment in Mong Kok, its actually very nice, small but to be expected- good shower, very clean, big fridge and decent bedrooms. The food stalls and night markets around us are something else- and constantly, constantly the heat!

Our love to everyone back home, we miss you. More to follow……….


An emotional farewell…

Last night was our last shift at the Bakers Arms! Although I know we’re both ready to leave I was suprised at how emotional it was. I cried- big suprise! Its been an amazing couple of years there and we have been truly happy.

Today we have travelled to my Dad’s house in Wales for a last visit. We left a rainy Cirencester and travelled into the sunshine! Suprised to say Its lovely weather here at the moment!! Farewells are proving to be difficult and I know I’m going to cry a lot. At the same time we are really excited to begin our adventures, beginning to feel like I just need to take the plunge now…

Bring on the champagne xxx