An emotional farewell…

Last night was our last shift at the Bakers Arms! Although I know we’re both ready to leave I was suprised at how emotional it was. I cried- big suprise! Its been an amazing couple of years there and we have been truly happy.

Today we have travelled to my Dad’s house in Wales for a last visit. We left a rainy Cirencester and travelled into the sunshine! Suprised to say Its lovely weather here at the moment!! Farewells are proving to be difficult and I know I’m going to cry a lot. At the same time we are really excited to begin our adventures, beginning to feel like I just need to take the plunge now…

Bring on the champagne xxx

1 thought on “An emotional farewell…

  1. Gail Walsh Woodward

    It was so lovely to spend a special evening with you both before you head off on your adventure. A delightful meal out and then we had you spend the night before we wished you a safe journey and watched you drive off. A tear or two shed as we watched you go but really happy knowing your off on a journey of a lifetime together. So safe trip and can’t wait to welcome you back on Home turf again and no doubt many stories to tell us of your travels. Love you loads mumsie and dad xx



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