‘Kim Thien’: the best mechanic in Hue…

Researching where and how to buy motorbikes in Hue the name ‘Kim Thien’ kept popping up in forums and posts, plus on our first night out on the town a guy from the backpackers hostel recommended him and gave us a card.


So, slightly fragile from the night before we took a stroll over the causeway and found his shop. Feeling slightly awkward- the shop looks like its a mechanics, there aren’t any bikes out front for sale- we told him he’d been highly recommended as the place to come to buy a bike….

Kim made some phonecalls and the first bike arrived within half an hour. After a quick test drive he said he would change the back brakes. Once the work was done he said we could borrow the bike for a bit while he sourced another. The second bike (my bumblebee!!) turned up later in the afternoon; again Kim took it for a test drive. My bike needed quite a lot of work.

IMG_2699 IMG_2705

Both bikes had a full service, new wingmirrors on both (important because a. it’ll save your life and b. the roads can be so bumpy if they’re loose they’re useless). He sent his son off to give them both a wash and his wife came to offer us a selection of helmets. We paid £270 all in (we had budgeted about £500 so we were more than happy). Kim is so nice as well, at no point did you feel like you were being taken for a ride (excuse the pun), so much work went into the bikes and we were so happy it had been so easy. Kim is a genuinley friendly guy, very welcoming, full of smile and laughs- plus just watching him work he clearly knows his stuff. The shop was busy the whole time we were there. A few of his customers, australians and kiwis told us with big smiles and thumbs up that we’d made the right choice coming here.

IMG_0993     IMG_1001

IMG_2742 IMG_2752

Jamie’s is Black Betty, and mine is the Bumblebee xx We’ve got over 8 weeks and 800 miles to g… much more to follow xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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