Tuy Hoa

After 5 hours of riding (two punctures and horrible roads) we’d managed to get the 80 km to Tuy Hoa. It was completely dark by the time we arrived in the town and we couldn’t find our hotel for ages. Needless to say we were a little fed up by the time we finally checked into the Thuy Thien. Things got brighter though. The room was only £5 for the night and actually quite nice, we’ve stayed in worse for double the cost. The staff were friendly and helpful. The guy on the desk collected foreign coins so we gave him some spare change we had- he wanted to give us Vietnamese Dong in return but it was only worth about £1.20. Plus he looked so chuffed I just wanted him to have it! Later on he insisted on giving us beers, waters and fruit plate in return. It may not be a very nice thing to say but hotel staff in Vietnam are not always very friendly- most are but some are pretty rude. The reception we received at the Thuy Thien made us feel so welcome and it made such a difference after the day we’d had.

perfectly nice room for £5 a night!

perfectly nice room for £5 a night!

We ventured out but struggled to find anywhere for dinner- we’d left it too late. In the end we just pulled over at a locals place for a beer, we were expecting them to have finished serving. A group of guys were playing guitar and singing (and drinking lots of beer!) they had song-sheets they were passing around and asked me if I wanted a go! I think it was a locals karaoke night.

To our delight we were given menus and had a delicious meal. The owners were sat out front chatting with the locals and we were made to feel very welcome.Their fourteen year old daughter spoke incredibly good English and was such a little darling! We are now all Facebook friends! We chatted to her for ages- she was honestly adorable and we were so impressed by her English. She could teach some hotel receptionists a thing or two about customer service! She told us she wants to be a translator; I think she’ll get there with no problem!

IMG_3941 IMG_3942

We lingered there in an attempt to wait out a downpour. But it rained and rained and rained! By the time we left the roads were ankle deep. The ride home was pretty sketchy! Tomorrow we head for Doc Let and some much needed luxury!

IMG_1132 IMG_1134

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