Dalat is a city like no other in Vietnam. The city was begun by the French as a mountain retreat and has been described as ‘like the French Alps in spring’. Surrounded by mountains, pine forests and lakes. Dalat is literally a breath of fresh air.

Nestled in the  South Central Highlands at abound 1,500 m above sea level, it’s much cooler up here than down on the coast. In fact, it was the first time we sat and (mildly amused by the fact) declared ourselves cold! Unfortunately the activities we had planned for this area were written off on account of Jamie’s foot: we really wanted to go canyoning (you abseil down through waterfalls and swim through rapids that form natural water-slides!). I hope one day we’ll go back and do all of this. It was such a shame but at least Jamie was getting better.

On the way up Jamie had to get the bus with Bell and I had a new riding partner. Our friends in Quy Nhon suggested we take the route in from Nha Trang as the road is better than the route from Cam Ranh, and- oh my goodness what a road! the climb is incredible and the traffic not too busy. You can literally feel the temperature dropping as you ascend!

IMG_5917 IMG_5915






IMG_3814 IMG_3817 IMG_3818 IMG_3825




Our first night was in the Beepub hostel. There was live music downstairs every night, the staff were friendly and the whole place has a really quirky design.



I'm cold!! hahaha

I’m cold!! hahaha

charming little sink!

charming little sink!


IMG_3840 IMG_3841



...I was allowed to!

…I was allowed to!

Dalat has such a good vibe, even though we were restricted with what we could do I’m glad we went- the nights of live music drinking in the Beepub were worth it!!



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