Treating ourselves x The Fiore Healthy Resort…

We’ve been using whenever we can to book our rooms. They have a rewards scheme where if you book 10 nights you get a free night based on your average spend… So, we found this little resort and decided to treat ourselves to a little luxury for 2 nights.

IMG_4417 IMG_4422 IMG_4425

Call me mad (it’s still around 30 degrees at night) but I’ve been wanting a good long soak in the tub for weeks. I figure I’ll just blast the air-con, pour some wine and run a nice hot bubbly bath! When we checked-in it turns out that our room only has a shower and it’s £12 a night more for the room with a bath 😦 we showed the lady our booking and got a free upgrade (woop woop!!) to an amazing room. Two full glass walls overlooking the ocean and the grounds. The view in the morning was just beautiful.

view from our room

view from our room




We’d read that it was expensive to eat/drink at the resort so we came prepared with gin & tonic and a bottle of red! The restaurant was ridiculously expensive and then they added 15% on top of everything. Funny thing is we had two beers at 50,000 dong, then the waitress says it’s 60,000 because of the 15% charge… I’m slow at maths but 15% of 50,000 isn’t 10,000! When I pointed this out she just bursts out laughing and agreed to give us our change (still 500 short)! Funny girl! I wonder how many people just don’t notice or don’t say? It’s only small change but I bet it would soon add up!

Despite this the staff here were really lovely here, very friendly and helpful. The pool was big and you got a fresh towel every visit. I can’t quite say how amazing this was for us as our towels are nearly 3 months in now and quite frankly they are humming! There were these tiny little midges with bright white wings that destroyed us- we didn’t realise they were biters until it was too late! The bites only came up tiny but I must have been gotten about 30 times! Not sure what they were, sand flies maybe? they only appeared in the afternoon, none at all in the mornings. Strange…

We rode out for a cheaper dinner- seafood hotpot with king prawns, squid and clams. The pot bubbles away on a stove in front of you- very yummy and very hot! It’s surprising how many spicy hot soups you find on menus here- given that the average daily temperatures are in the mid-thirties! They had the cutest puppy. We smuggled him bits of prawn shell!



IMG_4438 IMG_4437

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