Monthly Archives: April 2016

The final weeks – and then home xxx


We had a beautiful ride back into Nha Trang today – down the mountain road from Dalat in perfect conditions. We are SO excited for Ruth’s arrival in two days time!

We secretly plan to meet her at the airport, but she has no idea… We ride Jamie’s bike there, surprise her (there are tears and a million hugs!), then he gets a taxi back and I’ll ride home… and would you believe it? I get a puncture, so typical!! – no big deal though, as per usual there are a dozen places road side that can fix it and I’m back on my way within twenty minutes.

We spent four gorgeous days showing Ruth all of our favourite places in the city. We celebrated my birthday at the Sailing Club and we had a cheese board: I literally cannot explain how exciting that was! Plus, we did a fabulous tour around the local Cham towers, a river boat cruise, a visit to a noodle makers shop, a bakery, a spot of fishing, and an ancient pagoda! All finished off with cocktails at the Sheraton, overlooking the bay at sunset x perfect.

We took Ruth up to Doc Let for a few days; for a bit of luxury, and to show her the location of Jamie’s snakebite. Apparently he is now affectionately known there as ‘snakeman’!


We leave Nha Trang today for Saigon. Mixed emotions, I’m sad but I’m really, really excited at the thought of seeing everyone back home. I just hope the cats don’t hate me too much!!

Its honestly been a life changing experience, and I’ve been lucky enough to share it with the most amazing person that I know.

I love you so much Jamie. Here’s to our next adventure x