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We left for Krabi very early in the morning on the 19th of January. We had two options: a ferry that went via Phi Phi and cost about £15, or a 4 hr bus ride that cost about £7…. No brainer. So we were up very early to catch our bus- which turned out to be a minibus (with a crazy driver- standard). Anyway, we survived and by late afternoon we were in Krabi.
We stayed at The Grand Mansion for £10 a night, first place we’d tried with no AC. It was very comfortable, and the staff we really friendly- in fact I think it was the friendliest place we’d stayed yet in Thailand!
For dinner we walked down the river to the Maharaj Market. At night time it becomes a food market. There are upwards of twenty different curries on sale and loads of little BBQ sticks with things like chicken, sweetcorn, fish, veg… The place smells incredible!
We both had a massaman with chicken for under a pound each, and it was seriously good curry. The stalls are run by Thai-Muslims so there is no alcohol for sale.

For beer afterwards we headed to the Chao Fah Pier, again at night times this becomes a big street food type market. There is a good atmosphere, although it is quite touristy, it’s nothing like Phuket or BK.

Krabi was very chilled and felt very authentic and we enjoyed it very much.
Next stop Koh Jum….