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We arrived in Danang to find a section of the main road we needed closed. To go around would have meant about a 2km detour; through a city we didn’t know, plus we were pretty tired from our ride. A guy on a moped (and carrying a large guitar(?)) saw us and came over offering his help, he showed us a ‘locals short-cut’ through a series of alleyways. Before waving us on our way he gave us his email and invited us over to his house to meet his family and have some dinner. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time to accept but we were both moved by his kindness. Its not often strangers stop to offer their help, but the more we travel through this country (especially once you step out of the really touristy areas) the more the kindness of the Vietnamese people shines through.

We really enjoyed Danang city, the atmosphere is very relaxed and you hardly get hassled. Walking along the Han riverfront you can see some impressive bridges (Dad, I’m sounding truly like your girl now! I couldn’t help thinking you’d like it!!)…

The Dragon bridge in the background

   The Dragon bridge in the background

IMG_2880    IMG_2843

We wandered around the Han market… very interesting and again it was so refreshing not to get hasssled by the sellers.


IMG_2886    IMG_2884