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Recovery and Relaxation in Doc Let…

Following the snakebite, Jamie couldn’t put even the slightest weight on the foot for about a week. Our time at Doc Let consisted of sunbathing and playing in the pool. Thankfully after a couple of days J was able to sort-of-swim, we had lots of ‘no-legs’ swim races and handstand competitions! We’d bought a HDMI cable in Pleiku, so in the evenings we watched films and drank beer! He was still in lots of pain and the swelling kept creeping up his leg and then going down again. It was so horrible that there was nothing we could do but try and keep him cheerful, he put such a brave face on it all as well but I could tell it was getting him down. At least there isn’t really anything to do in Doc Let except relax, and the resort was lovely so we extended our stay and made the best of a bad situation.



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the fateful path where Jamie was bitten!

the fateful path where Jamie was bitten!

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